Why We Bought From Auction?

    Easy. From a family perspective we've previously bought cars from local car dealerships, including the Marshall Motor Group, and from BCA Auctions without any of the difficulties seen with our last purchase from the auction.

    Experienced sources suggest that most newer vehicles that do sell at auctions are of high quality, are very much in good condition and thus reliable. The main advantage of buying at auction was that we did get a significant discount, compared to the price we would have to pay using traditional methods.

Where It All Started

This (picture above) of our Volvo V70 in Titanium Grey was acquired in 2008 from the popular BCA Nottingham "AUCTION". It was advertised as being ex-management car from Volvo Car UK Limited, Globe Park, Marlow, United Kingdom. The car was, as expected, in excellent condition with full Volvo service history, full documentation, TV remote, satellite navigation discs, both keys, etc. No chinks, no dents, no scrapes and nothing missing from the car. It had warranted miles though it was sold as seen.

Of course, if the car had any problems, one would expect the car to be swiftly repaired by the local Volvo Dealership. We just could not forsee any problems.

As is well known now that the car was NOT purchased from the Marshall Motor Group Volvo Dealership Network or any other Volvo Dealership (has never been suggested otherwise), but effectively from Volvo Car UK, albeit through BCA. Maybe not a better deal than buying from a local Volvo Dealership as there is obviously NO warranty.

In-Between 2008 and 2011

The copy of the invoice records that we hold clearly shows that between October 2008 and August 2011, the Volvo V70 had been in for repairs (services not included) at the Marshall Volvo in Peterborough. [Read More]


Our Volvo V70 was in a road traffic accident in November 2010 and below you can view the accident assessment & photographs (kindly provided by Direct Line Insurance). [Read More]

Direct Line Insurance

It is well reported and known that this particular Volvo V70 was in a road traffic accident (RTA) back in November 2010. There had been some early suggestions that the impact (and perhaps any consequential damage) was [Read More]

Call Records

Unsurprisingly there has been a lot of talk indicating that we had not been in contact with Marshall Volvo to discuss the problems with the Volvo V70. On this page you'll find that we have displayed [Read More]

IAEA Report

An independent engineer was appointed who was (still is) a member of the Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors (IAEA) to examine the vehicle prior to ANY further repairs being carried out. The report [Read More]

The Present Situation

Well, a just over year on from the inexpensive repairs that were completed by Sturgess Volvo in Leicester and the Volvo V70 continues to purr along very nicely, thank you. [Read More]